Announcing My 2009 Custom Holiday Card Offerings!

The snow has hardly flown yet and this week has started off so warm that you might think spring is on the way, but don’t let that keep you from starting to plan your holiday cards! I am very excited to offer some lovely, flexible designs this year. I’ve chosen designs that are modern yet simple enough to allow the portraits to pop. With 6 gorgeous cardstock choices you’ll be able to perfectly complement your style and budget. All of the text is fully customizable and I encourage you to create your own personal greeting. This year send a card that not only grabs the recipients attention with beautiful professional photography, but also touches their heart with your own personal words.

I am offering two sizes: 4×5.5″ and 5×7″. They can be vertical or horizontal in orientation, and can be flat (postcard style) or folded. Each set contains 25 cards with matching white or parchment envelopes. Prices for flat cards start at $30 per set and for folded cards start at $40 per set and include shipping. NOTE: The LAST day to order greeting cards for Christmas is December 10! This will provide enough time to create, order, and ship your cards to you so that you still have time to send them out! Typically you can expect your cards to be delivered about a week to a week and a half after you order them with me.

Ok, now let’s go over your cardstock choices.

  • Semi-gloss: Has a muted sheen, typical of greeting cards. Colors are bold and crisp.
  • High-gloss: Very shiny indeed! A glossy magazine cover look, but the back or inside of the card will not be coated so you can still add a personal touch.
  • Watercolor: A lovely textured paper that looks like, you guessed it, watercolor paper!
  • Art Recycled Matte: 100% post-consumer waste never looked so good! Rich colors and smooth tones that will show your recipients that being eco-friendly is a beautiful thing.
  • Pearl Semi-gloss: A warm, metallic sheen. It’s perfect for a holiday greeting. This is my favorite and the one I’ll be using for my own cards this winter.
  • Pearl High-gloss: Just like the pearl semi-gloss, but super shiny. If glossy is your thing then you won’t be disappointed with this choice.

Now, on to the designs! All designs are flexible as far as the number of images that can be used. I’ll tell you how to order your customized greeting cards at the end.

Style: Elegant (front)

Style: Elegant (front)

Style: Elegant (back)

Style: Elegant (inside/back)

Style: Snowflake (front and inside/back)

Style: Snowflake (front and inside/back)

Style: Vintage (front and inside/back)

Style: Vintage (front and inside/back)

Ready to order? Great!

First, hop on over to my storefront at and go to your gallery. Select an image you’d like to use in your card and put it in your cart. Choose “Greeting Card” for both the paper type and size. Choose color or black and white. Add a special instruction to me if you have a specific idea of where you’d like to see the image, such as “front”, “back”, “front, small center”. Click “Add to My Cart” and you’re ready to select another image if you’d like! Keep in mind that all images will be edited as if you are ordering a regular print. Leashes, eye goobers, etc. are all going to be removed.

Once you have selected your images click on “The Store” in the top right corner. You’ll see a menu with “Holiday Cards” listed, so click on that. Scroll down until you find the style you like. Now you can choose quantity, card size, cardstock type, and envelope type. Enter in your personalized greetings for the front and inside/back of the card and add this selection to your cart. If you’d like to order other prints you can certainly do that in the same order. Now just finalize your purchase by viewing your cart and checking out!

If you’d like any help or advice during the card creation process don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me.

I look forward to creating some fun and memorable holiday cards this season!

Peace and Snowballs,


Marie Sabo - November 21, 2009 - 4:53 am

I like the different styles. You have done a great job of displaying the options.

L o v e s
S o c i a l