You may notice that Laura is a member of the species homo sapiens. Although I specialize in animal portraiture I won’t pass up an opportunity to work with such a fun, talented young actress. I met Laura when I worked as a still photographer for a friend’s horror film, Dead Creek. She has a great love of acting, be it on stage or in front of a camera, and is hopeful that she can pursue a career creating personalities that audiences love. Or hate. When I asked her what types of characters she likes to play she told me that they could all be fun. There is just as much of a challenge in being “the good girl” as there is being “the bad girl”. She rocked every pose and attitude that I asked of her – from cool and confident to silly to serious. While tweaking light ratios she entertained me with quite a wide array of hilarious faces. Laura knows how much hard work and luck play a role in her success and I truly admire her confidence and grounded nature.






Kathleen Porter - February 8, 2010 - 7:07 am

What fun! She really looks like she has some hidden talents there :) What would be really fun is to make portraits of her as different characters, dressed up and in a scene… fun :)

L o v e s
S o c i a l