What’s at the heart of a Home session?

Personal. Informal. Comfortable.


Wherever you call home.

Home sessions are ideal for:

Any number of animals with or without their people.

Animals who are too shy to visit the studio.

People who want to remember an older animal’s spirit in their home.

Home sessions are best paired with:

Wall collections. Albums. Story Boxes. Digital collections. Loose prints.


Session: Beginning at $250. Additional travel may be necessary depending on where you live. (50% deposit required at the time of booking.) Session fee includes my time and talent to capture, process, and present a set of proofs. No finished images are included with the session fee and I do not offer unfinished work.

Collections: Collections are customized packages of finished portraits. Minimum purchase of $350 for all other locations.

If you would prefer a Home session for your elderly or terminally ill companion but are concerned about the financial investment, please contact me for special arrangements. 


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