Goofy Eddie :: Vermont Cat Photographer

Just one collage today of a very silly cat named Eddie who is waiting for adoption at Humane Society of Chittenden County. It’s amazing how quickly cats adjust to new surroundings. When Ian and I met Eddie last week in his kitty condo he didn’t want to bother coming down from his roost for a photo op. He had just been made available for adoption and was still a little unsure of the new routine. This week Eddie greeted us at the door and was quite happy for his moment to shine. When photographing at the shelter I usually try to limit myself to a few portraits of each new adoptable so that I have enough time to capture everyone. Today was fortunately a fairly light day and Eddie’s charm and goofiness made it so easy to just keep clicking away!


Peace and Catnip,


L o v e s
S o c i a l