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MDP_Lucky and Eileen

I had no idea when I pulled into Eileen’s driveway at the end of October that there would be any fall foliage left. Nor did I have any idea that I would be running after and riding in a carriage with a grand view of Lake Champlain. But there I was, along with Ian, soaking in a sublime landscape. The star of the day was Lucky, Eileen’s 5 year old morgan. His name was chosen well; when he was still young he had a horrifying tangle with a fence. Watching him now, pulling his cart gracefully with a high-stepping gait, you’d never know it. As with any morgan I’ve ever met, Lucky loves to work. And he loves to pose.

We started the session in the driveway, tucked into a stand of golden trees. Eileen and Lucky had to stand in just the right spot so that the light would hit them in a pleasing way. There were a lot of hot spots where the light blasted through the leaves and a lot of mottled areas that would leave a patchy look to their faces. With a bit of patience and candy (Lucky’s favorite), we found the perfect spot. The light was magical. After a few quick minutes we were back at the stable where Lucky got ready to pull the carriage.

I certainly got my workout running around the farm, getting the angles and light just right. Eileen and Lucky were more than happy to make a few passes in each spot so that I could get a few different perspectives and to make sure I got his action just right. I could have worked with this photogenic duo all day, but we had just one brief hour. It was a warm day and Lucky’s winter coat is coming in, so by the time he got back to the barn he was quite sweaty. So was I.

After this session I am already excited to photograph Lucky again and meet his sister Meg! She was his inspiration in the portrait at right. Lucky was standing patiently while I photographed him when all of a sudden Meg whinnied for him. He looked up as if to say “I hear you, but I’m needed over here”. He’s such a gentleman that he didn’t even move his feet.

MDP_Lucky and Eileen2

MDP_Lucky and Eileen1

Off we go!

Off we go!

MDP_Lucky and Eileen9
MDP_Lucky and Eileen5
MDP_Lucky and Eileen8
MDP_Lucky and Eileen
MDP_Lucky and Eileen6
MDP_Lucky and Eileen7
MDP_Lucky and Eileen14
MDP_Lucky and Eileen11

I think Lucky likes the view as well.

I think Lucky likes the view as well.

MDP_Lucky and Eileen15
MDP_Lucky and Eileen13
Peace and Happy Trails,
Kathleen - November 12, 2010 - 4:58 pm

This session turned out beautifully Kelly! Eileen is very lucky to have these images, no pun intended!

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